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What is the different between the virgin and recycled base oils?
What are Lubricants?
What is the different between the virgin and recycled base oils?

 Why Us?

Great Infrastructure

At Tlube, the technically advanced lubricants, our brand image, quality, technology, research and performance standards are our utmost important priorities. We blended internationally standard finished lubricants.

We invest in our research and development facilities, experienced technical resources, state of the art laboratory testing facilities and choosing OEM approved additives and base oils.

We rely on the technical and commercial expertise of our team, who not only carries, a vast knowledge of Australian automotive and industrial markets and their lubrication needs, but also hands on practice in conducting plant audits, production evaluations, product consolidations and oil sample analysis services.

24/7 ProductServices

To us performance means an excellent lubricant quality along with the tailored made services best suited for our customers. We provide on site deliveries, on site technical trainings, plant audits, lubricant surveys, machine and parts evaluation, oil sample analysis and knowledge sharing.

Cutting Edge Technology

We continuously update our product formulations and quality standards as any international major oil company. Our teams receive trainings on the recent research and technology updates to provide better services to our customers. All of our products are blended according to the latest OEM manuals and API and ISO standards.